Carbon Footprints and LCA Data: Embracing New Trends with Enhanced Data for Chemical Value Chains

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What's this webinar about?

New trends are reshaping how companies use carbon footprints and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data in the chemicals value chain.

Carbon footprints are increasingly becoming a business imperative. At the same time, new research and methodological advances enable higher LCA data quality and deeper strategic insights for the sustainability transition.

This on-demand webinar explores these trends and shows how our latest database update equips companies to unlock value for their business.
  1. The trends explained: what they are and why they matter for LCA and carbon footprint data.
  2. How Carbon Minds’ database update enhances data to embrace the trends:
    1. Oil and Gas update: a bottom-up improvement for the reliability and actionability of chemical value chain data
    2. Chemical industry data update: keeping pace with fast-moving developments
    3. Methodological advances: aligning with the Together for Sustainability guideline 
  3. Q&A session answering questions from the chat
1 hour

Presentation by
Arne Kätelhön, co-founder and CEO, Carbon Minds
Laura Stellner, Modeling and Database Design Expert, Carbon Minds
Mara Boitz, Global Account Manager, Carbon Minds