The New Environmental ​​​​​​Footprint (EF) Database.

Unprecedented Collaboration Advances EF-compliant Data for Chemicals, Plastics and Bio-Based Materials.

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What's this webinar about?

With funding from the European Commission, an unprecedented collaboration between Carbon Minds, numerous project partners, and many supporters in the chemical industry is developing significant improvements to the Environmental Footprint (EF) database for chemicals, plastics and bio-based materials.
As the project begins active development, new opportunities arise for companies in the chemicals value chain to benefit from - and contribute to - improvements in the quality, scope and representativeness of EF-compliant data for chemicals and plastics.
In this online panel discussion with Q&A, we invite the European Commission and the wider chemical industry to examine how effective collaboration can improve EF-compliant data for companies of all sizes in chemicals, plastics, and bio-based materials.

While our discussin will focus on the chemical industry, we would like to gratefully acknowledge our consortium partners - together we form part of a much broader project to develop EF-compliant data for a wide range of industries:

PRé Sustainability
and more...
  1. What are the aims of the Environmental Footprint database and what benefits will it bring?

  2. Developing a comprehensive, EF-compliant, up-to-date, and accessible database

  3. Opportunities for collaboration in this landmark project

  4. Q&A with questions from the audience  

1 hour

With the participation of:
Alicia Boyano, Policy Officer, The European Commission

Mauro Tomasi, Sustainability Manager, CEFIC

Dixit Parmar, Sustainability Manager, Lubrizol

Peter Saling, Director of Sustainability Methods, BASF

and moderated by Raoul Meys, Managing Director and Co-founder, Carbon Minds